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ZOFO Piano Duet


28 February 2012

Keisuke Nakagoshi and Eva-Maria Zimmermann

As one of only a few ensembles worldwide focusing on piano duets, ZOFO is reviving hidden gems of the one-piano four-hand repertoire including pieces influenced by French impressionism, Japanese traditional music and German romanticism, as well as showcasing 20th and 21st Century music. In playing arrangements of orchestral pieces, ZOFO also shows us the symphonic realm in a new light

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Enjoy ZOFO's SUSHI-FONDUE "Appetizer:


Frank Martin (1890-1974) : Overture (1924)
Masao Honma (1930-2008) : Sound Shift No.4
Arthur Honegger (1892-1955) : Pastorale d'Ete
Toshimitsu Tanaka (1930-) : An ancient five-storied pagoda
   1) Agogik
   2) Con brio
   3) Allegro vivace
   4) Allegro con fuoco
   5) Tranquillo
---- intermission ----
Christian Henking (1961-) : "Good morning, John" (2011) World Premiere
Tomohiro Moriyama (1977-): Let's play a duet! (2006)
Dieter Ammann (1962-) : Regard sur les traditions (1995)


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