Berkeley Chamber Performances

2003-2004 Season

All concerts are on Tuesday nights at 8 PM in the Ballroom at the Berkeley City Club and are followed by a reception with the artists.

October 7, 2003 -- Turtle Island String Quartet
December 2, 2003 -- Wolford-Rosenblum Saxophone-Piano Duo with mezzo Linda Liebschutz
January 13, 2004 -- Streicher Trio
March 23, 2004 -- Empyrean Ensemble with featured pianist Amy Dissanayake
May 25, 2004 -- The Whole Noyse

October 7, 2003
Turtle Island String Quartet

David Balakrishnan, violin
Evan Price, violin
Danny Seidenberg, viola
Mark Summer, cello

Works to be announced by the performers in the jazz tradition

Turtle Island Spring Quartet

Back for their second appearance with us, TISQ once again presents their inimitably original take on jazz, classical and a little of everything else. Come enjoy the group that started it all!

December 2, 2003
Wolford-Rosenblum Saxophone-Piano Duo with mezzo Linda Liebschutz

Dale Wolford, saxophone
Ivan Rosenblum, piano
Linda Liebschutz, mezzo

Works of Adams, Bolcom, Brahms, Gade, Piazolla, Rosenblum, and Schumann

Wolford-Rosenblum Saxophone-Piano Duo Linda Liebschutz

The saxophone and piano duo of Wolford and Rosenblum have performed to a packed house with us, and this season they return with mezzo-soprano Liebschutz in an excitingly varied presentation entitled "Collage: Music for Mezzo, Saxophone and Piano”. Join us for duos and trios from the last two centuries for this unique combination of tone colors.

January 13, 2004
Streicher Trio

Katherine Kyme, violin
Joanna Blendulf, cello
Charlene Brendler, fortepiano

Works of Mozart, Beethoven and Boccherini

Streicher Trio

The Streicher Trio performs an evening of vibrant and cultivated chamber music from the late 18th century on period instruments. This San Francisco ensemble is known for its imaginative programs, delivered with a fine musical rapport.

“The playing is of a consistently high standard.” – Strad Magazine

March 23, 2004
Empyrean Ensemble

Terrie Baune, violin
Ellen Ruth Rose, viola
Thalia Moore, cello
Peter Josheff, clarinet
with featured pianist Amy Dissanayake

Works of Adams, Ligeti, Chang, Merryman, and Penderecki

Empyrean Ensemble

We are very pleased to welcome back the Empyrean Ensemble to Berkeley Chamber Performances! Featuring pianist Amy Dissanayake, this distinguished group presents a dazzlingly varied program of contemporary music, including works of legends Adams, Ligeti and Penderecki, as well as works written for them by Yu-Hui Chang and Marjorie Merryman.

Of Terrie Baune:
“Her tone was clear and sweet but never precious.” -- Jeff Rosenfeld, SFVC

May 25, 2004
Whole Noyse

Stephen Escher, cornet and recorder
Joyce Johnson-Hamilton, cornet and recorder
Richard Van Hessel, sackbut, gittern and recorder
D. Sanford Stadtfeld, sackbut and recorder
Herbert Myers, curtal and recorder

Whole Noyse

Be transported in time by the lively sounds of sackbuts, cornets and viols, playing Italian songs and dances of the 16th and 17th centuries. This acclaimed band of early music specialists enjoys local and worldwide success. The quintet’s name comes from the term “Whoall Noyse”, that a group like this might have been called.

“There are few ensembles like The Whole Noyse performing today, and the Noyse… are among the best.…The Whole Noyse may count itself as among the most accomplished.”
-- Joseph Spencer, SFVC

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